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  • News: 12 men in the city bravely challenge labor pains

    Release Date:2017-08-14 09:09:53
  • Representatives led by Mr. Roland Rott,General Manager of Global Womens Health Ultrasound at GE Healthcarevisited Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital recently, where they exchanged expertise and shared experience on new progress in research a...【More】
  • Time and again come out | Dalian Baijia maternity hospita

    Release Date:2017-08-11 09:26:00
  • Recently, Dalian PARKnSHOP maternity hospital quality management level of medical equipment to use good, the safety of public security, after assessment of the acceptance of the Dalian Municipal Food and drug administration, was awarded the...【More】
  • Dalian Baijia staff induction ceremony and international

    Release Date:2017-08-11 09:24:05
  • On the afternoon of January 4th, at the conference hall of Dalian maternity hospital, No. 98, Shengli Road, Xigang District, a ceremony was held for the opening ceremony of Dalian PARKnSHOP staff and the inauguration ceremony of Internation...【More】
  • Dalian beyond Liu Yuchen upgraded to daddy Dalian Baijia

    Release Date:2017-08-11 09:21:13
  • The morning of July 19th, Dalian beyond the football club left back Liu Yuchen rose daddy, his wife Song Xiaoxue in Dalian maternity hospital that gave birth to her daughter, her daughter safe childbirth smoothly. This is the second footbal...【More】
  • The first hospital affiliated with dalian medical university

    Release Date:2017-08-10 11:03:09
  • Baijia hospital celebrated first year anniversary with prenatal education classical music concert on May 21 st . Importance of Prenatal Sound and Music Music has played an important role in different cultures since time immemorial. It has pr...【More】
  • China youth network: babies who can't breastfeed have milk t

    Release Date:2017-08-10 11:02:28
  • Every pregnant mother desires for a natural and healthy birth, yet many of them end up with C-section out of fear of labor pain. To promote natural birth midwifery techniques and concepts, as well as to reduce unnecessary C-sections, Dalian...【More】