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Thank you for your company -- dalian baijia maternity hospit

time: 2017-08-14





Evening of June 18
When the sun shines on the enchanted starry bay
Dalian baijia maternity hospital annual celebration Thanksgiving dinner
At the left bank of the western restaurant





With the fresh sea breeze
A wooden patio surrounded by greenery and flowers
A vacant left bank
There is a romance of literature and art




A year ago in June
The 100 million women who have love settled in dalian
Today we are 1 year old
Thank you for your attention
Thank you to the leaders of the medical industry for their support and help
Thanks for the trust of over 700 mothers
Thank you all for your efforts and efforts




This is a family dinner.
Nearly 200 media guests, 100 members, hospital staff gathered together
Share the results and joy of the first anniversary





It is also a feast of love and Thanksgiving
On this night
Breath every 6.4 seconds
It was warm and warm





The left bank time right bank landscape
A wine glass that flows like a cloud in the light
Wait for the family to come
There are flowers, there is wine, and we have stories




Dalian radio and TV's famous host stone and xiaodan officiate
Let's raise glasses together.
The beginning of feeling, witnessing growth




Qu liming, executive director of dalian baijia maternity hospital, addressed the speech
He expressed his sincere thanks to his guests
On the way to dalian baijia
We can't leave you without trust
We will forge ahead with wisdom and strength to create a better tomorrow




Dalian baijia medical representative and international midwife Jodette
It brings you the situational dance on the road.
It shows the other side of the staff




Professional quality and trust
Every bit of it, the whole heart to care for each life
More than 700 babies are born safely
Our commitment to medical quality is explained
We will, as always, protect the safety of mothers and infants with the safety and rigour of world standards
Witness every angel coming




Joy is the atmosphere of the dinner party
The evening star was shining
The stars are in love with each other



The friends who failed to arrive also sent the most sincere wishes to dalian baijia




One family makes a show
Together for dalian baijia warm birthday
Full of love and happiness filled the scene




This year,
Dalian baijia has the honor to harvest the trust and trust of more than 700 families
A new starting point
We will grow up with more mothers





Dalian baijia -- the light of love
Open the angel's wings and touch the light of life with your heart
Dalian baijia maternity hospital medical team
Light up the light of life with love





Birthday song
The first mother of baijia baby, the first "dolphin mother" in dalian, and the director of wang xian, cao yungeng, and others, together with the birthday cake, share the joy of the anniversary
Thank you to all the families of dalian baijia
Thanks for being with us all the way





Dalian radio and TV's famous anchorman yo-yo, foaming at the same time
The joy and warmth of growth flow in everyone's heart




A year is not long, but the best is a lot
With trust, support and warmth
A thousand words become two words "thank you"
Thank you for your family and friends
The raffle at the dinner party, and a little bit of our little thought, a hundred best insurance package, vvip room gift...
Congratulations to the big boys and girls who have won the big prize, to share this joy and happiness with us。
the eggs are coming!!!



June 18 is also father's day
He's about to start another role in life
What do you want to say to your baby and your wife?
Live recording, editing "our first father's day"
Give it to everyone as a gift





Dalian baijia maternity hospital is the 19th largest chain of medical professional chain
At birth, with the faith and gene of love, after more than 360 days and nights, more than 200 top 100 people's attention, as the first choice of products for the quality family in dalian
We know that every mother's choice means life, and responsibility is a mission
Here, we give a thank you to the people from all walks of life who support dalian baijia
We have more beautiful dreams
I look forward to working with you
Stay tuned
Focus on our growth
Baijia, on the way!