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The first hospital affiliated with dalian medical university

time: 2017-08-10


In response to a national medical health system reform, make full use of medical resources efficiency, optimize the allocation of resources, the formation of upper and lower linkage, complementary advantages, resource sharing mechanism, according to the dalian xigang district government makes the deployment of "health industry", the morning of February 27, the first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university and dalian top maternity hospital technical cooperation signing ceremony was held at the top maternity hospital. This marks a big one with top maternity become two-way referral hospital medical, positive opened the green channel, referral for complex conditions, and the acute and critical patients timely treatment, referral implementation experts online ward rounds, consultation, provides the highest quality of medical services for patients. The cooperation will also promote the construction of a graded diagnosis and treatment and medical consortium in dalian.



Dalian municipal health and family planning commission, deputy director of the ms cheng wai, ms deputy district chief Tan Shuping dalian xigang district people's government, the first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university, vice President of Mr Wu Taihua, the first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university, deputy party secretary ms Huang Zhenjie, dalian xigang district health and family planning bureau Zhao Aiyan ms ms, dalian xigang district baiyun street doing deputy director of the National People's Congress, the first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university medical department minister, ms WenWei Shi Fangxin lady, director of the dalian medical university first affiliated hospital obstetrics, deputy director of the department director Mr Guan grand, clinical laboratory, ms xiao-lu ma, ms, deputy director of pediatric JiGong and dalian top executive director of obstetrics and gynecology hospital QuLiMing lady, such as medical director ms Yan Xiaoyan medical experts attended and witnessed the signing of the ceremony.



The first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university as xigang district health and belt leading medical center, the strongest comprehensive strength, and the people in liaoning province is one of the most trusted medical research university affiliated hospital, is also a critical maternal rescue center in liaoning, obstetric experts has rich clinical experience, is the city of dalian obstetrics and maternal and child health professionals training at all levels of primary teachers.

Big medical institute vice President, said in his speech Mr Wu Taihua dalian xigang district government top maternity hospital is actively introduce health enterprise key project, is another step in the benefit of the people by the government. Big medical technology collaboration with top maternity, a court will through a variety of ways, a full range of technical collaboration model, help the city health career further development, bring greater well-being for dalian people.



Top executive director of obstetrics and gynecology QuLiMing said in his speech, who in dalian municipal party committee, municipal government and city planning commission, under the leadership of the xigang district district, the district government's support, the dalian top maternity hospital since its inception, has been actively contributing to dalian city maternal and child health and health care undertakings. The first affiliated hospital of dalian medical university and top maternity reach collaboration, is the best group medical technology development, medical teaching and research level of support, is also the best group comprehensively to strengthen the construction of hospital management, enhance the connotation of medical service on the huge promotion. In the future, the two sides will work together to build public hospitals and private hospitals in dalian demonstration of technical cooperation, let the women and children in dalian to enjoy more convenient, high-quality medical services, better meet women and children also multi-level, diversified medical treatment, health care and maintenance requirements.



Grading medical has always been the focus of health-care reform, big d a hospital is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research as one of the comprehensive level of first-class hospital, dalian top maternity hospital is top penetration in the medical professional chain of specialized subject hospital, two hospitals will through a variety of ways, a full range of technical collaboration model, integrating medical resources.


Wu taihua, associate dean of the first hospital affiliated to dalian medical university, and qu liming, the executive director of dalian baijia maternity hospital


One will rely on the modern network technology of large medical school international technology cooperation mode, on top of maternity hospital to realize real-time online cases medical ward rounds, consultation, operation demonstration, teaching lecture exchanges and communication, improve the level of medical treatment, teaching, in the form of consultation in compiling maternity hospital rescue, need the critical patients in consultation, guide the new technology, new business and special complex surgery.


Baijia maternity hospital can also use the international expert resources and service concept to bring updated technical information to dalian medical industry. In addition, will also be in advantage, the two key disciplines, actively carry out scientific research collaboration, great popularization and application of new technology and high-end equipment such as high-end cooperation, development and application of basic medical services in public hospitals and private hospitals in complementary personalized health care services, the two sides established talent technology exchange, information sharing and two-way referral of the green channel, meet different levels of medical needs.


Dalian best group executive director of obstetrics and gynecology hospital QuLiMing, said jasmine maternity have a maternity ward, and by obstetric outpatient pediatrics, anaesthesia, ultrasonic imaging branch, new midwifery trained six disciplines of joint expert team, provide a solid guarantee for maternal and infant safety and health. Dalian top maternity hospital and the first affiliated hospital of dalian medical university to establish technical collaboration, want to rely on powerful first affiliated hospital of dalian medical university medical technology team, advanced medical technology level, sophisticated medical equipment and other advantages, in the national implementation of the comprehensive moment, opened two child policy for emergency and severe cases treatment ability, to improve maternal and newborn to ensure the quality of maternal and infant health care and medical security.