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Dalian baijia maternity hospital is a chain institution of baijia maternal and infant medical profession, and a project to attract investment in xiogang district, dalian city, and founded in 2015, the second level maternity hospital. The construction and operation of dalian baijia maternity hospital has been warmly received by the standing committee of liaoning provincial committee of CPC, tang jun of dalian municipal party committee and mayor xiao shengfeng. The major leaders of dalian city and western sentry area have visited and supervised many times. , since the building of the school of dalian top maternity Hospital is committed to build harmony Hospital (at) the quality of medical services, hotels (Hotel) star humanistic service and Home (Home) kind warmth in the integration of "3 h" Hospital, meet the demand of the high-end customer service in the local.

Hospital building area of 16000 square meters, level 4 hundreds of laminar flow clean room, 4 m/thousand level between laminar flow operating rooms, 150 beds, three newborn observation bed, LDR integration between 3 room, SPA, and is equipped with multiple level medical confined suites, one-on-one private doctor's office and the cinema with humanistic care, yoga room, a music book coffee, top good mother school, etc., also has the wisdom of the medical system and the international advanced and sophisticated American GE - E8 / colour to exceed 730 experts, the whole volume four dimensional TrueHD pa/technology, etc., all of these medical configuration is to provide security for expectant mothers, professional and humanistic care.

Dalian top maternity hospital in FCWI (FullCareforWomen&Infants) as the service concept, from the LDR guide the delivery room and water reduced pain, to the international mother club, midwives clinics, health assessment, postpartum recovery, etc., you can experience in the every detail to the thoughtful and meticulous care, times enjoy great spoiled. It is the pursuit and commitment of every Emma man to integrate the humanistic environment into the meticulous service of internationalization and humanistic medical care.


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