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Dalian Baijia staff induction ceremony and international

time: 2017-08-11

On the afternoon of January 4th, at the conference hall of Dalian maternity hospital, No. 98, Shengli Road, Xigang District, a ceremony was held for the opening ceremony of Dalian Baijia staff and the inauguration ceremony of International Vocational training. Baijia chain quality of maternal and child health medical director Zhong Yuzhen, Dalian Baijia authorities as well as new recruits hundreds of employees to participate in the ceremony. Dalian Baijia international occupation training ceremony marks the start of 100 about to international advanced medical technology, concept and service delivery to every employee, every 100 staff can provide high-quality medical services for the Dalian maternal and child, let Dalian mother to enjoy happiness in the future international medical day.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Dalian Baijia leaders made a speech, expressed a warm welcome to the new employees, and introduced the Dalian Baijia to these employees. Dalian 100 leaders also said: Baijia chain of maternal and child health medical quality director Zhong Yuzhen has developed a detailed pre service training courses. In the next ten days, Baijia chain of maternal and child health experts and Dalian medical industry experts will provide Professor staff related courses, to lay a solid foundation for the construction of hospital soft power. Subsequently, Zhong Yuzhen introduced to the scene of maternal and child health Baijia chain organization staff, and give the staff encouragement that they accept training, in order to send to the international medical service for Dalian mother. Staff representatives also took the floor to speak, saying that they would seriously study, actively play the initiative, and contribute to the maternal and child medical service in Dalian. At the end of the conference, the leaders of Dalian Baijia, Zhong Yuzhen and Baijiaemployees launched the inauguration ceremony of the international vocational training in Dalian.

It is reported, including "JCI FCWI, the international 3H service model, service concept, international patient safety, quality improvement, advanced midwifery service concept, identification and treatment of abnormal delivery" and other training courses will be started in the hospital. Today, Baijia chain of maternal and child health experts have begun teaching staff.