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Members of provincial and CPPCC members visited the "health

time: 2017-08-11

In December 26th, provincial and municipal CPPCC members visited the PARKnSHOP health industry service building to carry out year-end inspections. Members of the CPPCC National Committee visited the maternity clinic, the ultrasound image area, the delivery room and the VIP ward, accompanied by executive director of the obstetrics and Gynecology song, medical director Yan Xiaoyan, and made a report on the basic situation of the hospital.
PARKnSHOP health industry service building is the Dalian municipal government, Xigang district government to enhance the level of public services, and vigorously promote the key projects of the overall economic and social development, industrial structure, adjustment of Xigang revitalize the stock resources and optimize the important achievements of industrial upgrading.
The official opening of the 100 health industry service building, to meet the demand for maternal and child health healthy people at different levels, to fill the Xigang District of high-end shopping district maternal and child health industry blank, supporting functions add medical high-end services for the urban construction of Dalian City, Dalian to promote health services to high-end, large-scale industrial development.