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Dalian beyond Liu Yuchen upgraded to daddy Dalian Baijia

time: 2017-08-11




The morning of July 19th, Dalian beyond the football club left back Liu Yuchen rose daddy, his wife Song Xiaoxue in Dalian maternity hospital that gave birth to her daughter, her daughter safe childbirth smoothly.




This is the second football star Li Xuepeng, Jing Deyang in Dalian Baijia maternity hospital upgraded to Daddy, third football baby in Dalian Baijia, the first child is Liu Yuchen couple. In order to allow his wife to be more comfortable birth of the baby, Liu Yuchen specifically for his wife chose the Dalian Baijia maternity hospital. From the beginning of the birth, the maternity clinic, Baijia maternity maternity ward, midwives, anesthesiology, neonatology and radiology department of ultrasound six professional medical team carried out a full range of exclusive care, to provide security for the entire delivery smoothly.




Dalian love beyond the club fans know, Liu Yuchen game in Dalian on Sunday, more than a game against Hohhot in the grass, it is eighty-first minutes, Liu Yuchen sent the subtlety of biography, Dong Zhiyuan header before the door, help beyond the equaliser, made a important way to avoid relegation. Now Liu Yuchen gave birth to a baby girl, beyond daddy adds a group, looking forward to the next race daddy Liu Yuchen can have a more brilliant performance on the court!




Respect for nature, conceived as a dream, beyond the Dalian Football Club partners, Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital of Dalian beyond the football club and is willing to work together for the Dalian sports and medical affairs escort, let Dalian area fans enjoy the green Yin field bring happiness at the same time, can also enjoy the international medical service bring happiness. Different areas, the same meaning, adhere to the same faith, to contribute to this beloved city.



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