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News: 12 men in the city bravely challenge labor pains

time: 2017-08-14


12 cities, 120 minutes, 339 challengers, 1,566 families, more than 120,000 views, 630,000 times thumb up,...

"I can't stand it! Only a few seconds of the experience I can't bear, it's hard to imagine my mother was born and I need to endure such pain for a few hours! "Mr. Yang, who had just experienced labor pains in the city of baijia maternity hospital in dalian, told reporters on the afternoon of May 6. It is reported, this is ali health top international group, dalian top maternity hospital, hand in hand in 12 cities live in the country "one hundred people experience pain, love challenges camp" theme activities the scene, and that gather experience of dalian top maternity hospital is one of the event venue.

Live experience picture

In the pain of 1 to 10, the men can't stand the pain of level 5, and end the experience challenge. How much does it hurt to have a baby? In the medical pain index, the pain was second only to burning pain, the obstetrician of dalian's baijia maternity hospital said. Mothers usually have pain during childbirth, usually between eight and nine, and usually for several hours.

Experience mr.wang is introduced: "nothing feeling, at level 1 to level 2 when a bit of a hemp that tingling, experience to level 4, at that time I already felt very painful, want to close my experience, a higher level but also want to know the pain is what feeling, and so on to level 5, I didn't think I do not hold to really just after five or six seconds. By the 8th grade, I had a sweat on my forehead, but I was able to get to level 10 with pain. Now it's half an hour to finish the experience, but it's still a pain in the abdomen.

"Ali health cooperation with top international group, dalian top maternity hospital childbirth analgesia experience, is the pain of childbirth in order to let children do have a more intuitive feeling, before mother's day is coming, let's platform users understand when his mother gave birth to them is how not easy." Said zhou xiaoshan, head of the health care services category of ali healthy pregnancy. "People who have experienced it will be more caring, loving their mothers, or their wives."

October pregnancy, one birth. The process is full of hardship and joy. Baijia international group, together with ali health, launched this "hundred people pain and love experience challenge camp", which is to arouse public attention and attention to labor pains. The strength and bravery of mothers are not the reason for their families and their children to ignore the pain of childbirth. Each of them has pain, but the doctors are in their heart.

In order to help the treasure mom comfortable delivery, top international corp. 's penetration in the medical professional chain institutions provide a variety of method of labor analgesia: anesthesia to reduce pain in childbirth, guide to accompany childbirth, affection accompanied delivery, the pain to give water, rama breathing pain childbirth, etc. After entering the labor room, with the help of the doctors and midwives, the mothers can use the tools of the guide ball, midwife, midwife and other tools to alleviate the pain and speed up the production process. When contractions come, midwives use a combination of methods to guide expectant mothers to distraction, while ensuring high blood oxygen concentrations for both mother and baby. These are safe, natural, and uninvasive, comfortable birth reduction methods. When the palace opens full time, bao ma can be in full mental state, full of welcome baby's birth.

Top penetration by Morgan Stanley, dot medical treatment, medical professional chain organizations top penetration in the health industry holding group, such as joint investment, dedicated to high-end institutions and penetration in penetration in the health care health industrial park construction investment and operation management. Currently, it covers 20 cities includingDalian, guangzhou, wuhan, hangzhou, changsha, nanchang, jinan, wenzhou, wuxi and dalian. Top international corp. 's existing: two JCI international authentication hospital, four medical association, two technical collaboration hospital, two-way referral hospital, 1 1 resident standardization training base, seven baby-friendly hospitals.

Along the way have you, is a convention, agreed in the best time. The "hundred people love experience challenge camp" as the mother and father agree, the baby is firmly connected with them.

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