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China youth network: babies who can't breastfeed have milk t

time: 2017-08-10

The milk bank has a history of nearly 100 years in foreign countries, but it is still new in China. In some ways, breast milk is not just a food, but a treatment for babies born prematurely. After a period of active preparation, the public breast milk bank of dalian baijia maternity hospital was established yesterday, which is the first breast milk bank in dalian. It is a free donation and free use of pure public welfare facilities. It is understood that after the establishment of the breast milk bank of baijia medical level, it will use the blood bank management mode to carry out strict inspection and management to ensure the donation and safety of breast milk. While actively promoting breastfeeding education, it encourages mothers to donate milk.

Breast milk is not only food but also life-saving medicine

There are too many talk about the benefits of breastfeeding: breast milk is the most natural infant growth, the safest, most complete natural food, it contains the baby all the nutrients required for growth and antibody, in addition to supply the baby body heat, also meet the fat to baby's brain development; Effective prevention and protection of infants from infections and chronic diseases, the close contact and paternity of breastfeeding can stimulate the brain and mental development of infants... "The ideal state is that every baby can grow up drinking their mother's milk, but not every baby is so lucky." Dalian top grade maternity hospital medical director of maternal and infant club diet, says some mother postpartum milk, especially the premature birth mother, there are also some maternal separation treatment of premature infants and mother's milk can't on time to the hospital. Some not breastfed premature main food is premature infant formula milk powder, but many children eat after feeding intolerance, abdominal distension, vomiting, while breastfeeding children rarely appear these problems. So, breast milk is not only food, but also life-saving medicine. Build library, breast milk is the mother's milk supply to children in need for free use, such as family can't provide premature babies breast milk, baby, baby milk protein allergy, after surgery after chemotherapy of children, children with severe, and so on.

The blood bank management model is used to strictly detect and manage the milk bank

Dalian baijia women's hospital has been to the developed areas of the country three times to study the management and technology of the milk bank, and has developed into a skilled medical team. It is understood that the breast milk bank is equipped with an independent breast milk collection area and equipped with advanced breast milk analyzer, special milk storage refrigerator, constant temperature water bath and other equipment. According to the management mode of blood bank, the milk bank is strictly tested and managed, and a strict and complete working system of milk bank, milk management system and sterilization system are established. With perfect operational procedures, donated milk collection, disinfection, freeze, thaw, distribution, can not only ensure the safety of the donated milk, and retain the nutrients contained as much as possible for use.

Dalian top maternity hospital of milk is "donated free of charge, using" free of charge, will solve less milk maternal, most preterm births, low birth weight, feeding formula intolerance and children with milk protein allergy, the immune defects including tumor chemotherapy and radiotherapy of children, postoperative need nutrition support of children, children with infectious diseases, some children with congenital metabolic abnormalities of actual nutritional problems. "Hopefully through our efforts, the milk bank will be able to operate with foreign countries and be as mature as a blood bank." Dalian top Zhang Jingxin maternity hospital maternity medical director, said a man may can do great things, but the power of hundreds of thousands of people gathered together we can, "hope more mothers to donor milk."