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3H management system.

time: 2017-08-14

The comfort of the Hospital hospital, the comfort of the /Hotel Hotel, and the warmth of the /Home home

To provide you with perfect service and comfortable environment is our goal. To this end, we will be in hospital (hospital), hotel (hotel), (home) together, let you enjoy the wonderful experience of motherhood in Elmar.

Customer safety is always the first, we have to the international hospital JCI standard strict demands on themselves, attract and have a professional team of medical experts, the safety of the first to bring medical care to customers.

We have more than 5 star hotel standards, demanding service details, shuttle service, shopping services, door-to-door service, washing services, etc., exclusive Butler are trying to meet your needs. One to one nutritionist with star chef cooking skills, the quality of health as the primary standard, for you to provide exclusive customized nutritious meals.

We pay attention to every customer's feeling of admission, the warmth of the family into every corner of the hospital. Entering the Baijia, the elegant visiting environment, the traditional hospital congestion and indifference, instead of waiting appointment system, medical services and medical staff cordial reception and care. In the ward, as large as the kitchen, refrigerator, TV, sofa and other facilities, small to bathroom supplies, to every customer, such as home comfortable and warm.

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