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time: 2017-08-14

Joy of Meeting Your Baby through Time and Space
Dear baby, from the moment you begin to blossom like a bud,
We think of your health every day
Wondering how cute and charming
Our child of love and extension of life is
We yearn to see you, but you hide in your mommy’s womb
Playing hide and seek
Finally, right in Baijia, we see your lovely face clearly…
Examinations in the First Phase
During the 5th---10th gestational week: rule out of ectopic pregnancy, cesarean scar pregnancy and hydatidiform mole; and identification of threatened miscarriage as well as the number, shape, size, etc. of gestational sacs.
Examinations in the Second Phase
During the 11th---13+6 days gestational week: check of various fetal indicators, measurement of amniotic fluid volume, observation of fetal nasal bone, thickness of nuchal translucency and spectrum of fetal venous catheters. This phase is the best timing for screening early stage fetal malformation.
Examinations in the Third Phase
During the 16th---20th gestational week: check of 6 main lethal malformations stipulated in national regulations (anencephalus, severe encephalocele, spina bifida aperta, severe exstrophy of chest and abdominal walls, monocardian and lethal achondroplasia) as they are the necessary items before Down’s syndrome screening.
Examinations in the Fourth Phase
During the 20th---24th gestational week: It is the best timing for classified ultrasound diagnosis, when we can check the fetal growth systematically and comprehensively. At this phase, the uterus is relatively spacious for the baby to move, which is good for intrauterine photography. The photos may be copied to a disc. It would be great for expectant mothers keep the first photos of their babies!
Examinations in the Fifth Phase
During the 28th---34th gestational week: In this period, with fetal digestive system developing and improving, it is possible to detect partial digestive tract atresia and other abnormalities. It is also important in this phase to check up for any possible missing examinations. We can check the number of fetuses, fetal position and fetal heart rate; measure the fetal biological features; observe the placenta position, measure its thickness, assess the placenta maturity and measure the amniotic fluid volume, etc. to be prepared for the birth.
Examinations in the Sixth Phase
During the 36th---40th gestational week: Now the fetus is mature, and ultrasound examinations are technically needed once a week to assess the fetal physiological conditions. The ultrasound examinations are also to measure the volume and clarity of amniotic fluid, placental functions, detect if there is vasa previa, etc., in order to ensure a safe and smooth birth.

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